What We Do

Warrior for Children is a nonprofit 501c3 organization that uses tangible resources, community-based education, and relational experiences to help children of trauma thrive.

Who we serve

Children and families who have suffered acute or chronic trauma. We specialize in supporting children who have suffered physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, or chronic illness.

We support a wide array of individuals serving children:

  • Foster/Adoptive Caregivers

  • Foster Family Agencies/County based Children and Family Services

  • Non-Profits serving children/families

  • Child advocates

  • Family based Rehabilitation centers

Our Projects

Intentional Giving

Warrior for Children’s Resource center fills immediate need requests. We partner with those serving children to make sure that the small stuff is taken care of so that families and case managers can focus on the big stuff. Read More Here


Warrior for Children provides education to those caring for or working with children. We specialize in education that focuses on child trauma, parenting a child of trauma, building resiliency in children and families, as well as caring for the drug exposed child. Read More Here