Our vision is to not only provide tangible resources but also a place for children and families to come and learn and to be loved on. A place not only for children to have fun but also to be in experiences with kind grownups so they learn that the world isn’t all scary. Art classes, gardening classes, acting classes, writing workshops, and animal care are just a few of the partnerships in the works. All of these opportunities are free and in an environment that promotes trauma healing. More information for experiences coming in 2022.

Therapy Farm

Children who have experienced trauma can heal and learn to trust others by spending time with trained therapy animals. These animals can catalyze the healing process.


Experiences in the arts such as painting, sculpting and performing can be extremely therapeutic for children. Not only can they engage with others, but they can also increase their confidence.

STEM Experiences

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STEM experiences not only prepare children for the real world, but they can also offer them a different avenue to express themselves. Working with others in different areas of technology can help children in their healing journey.


Athletics have always been a great way to teach children the importance of hard work and working together. Our athletic experiences will allow children to strengthen not only their bodies, but also their souls.

We can’t fulfill our mission alone. Please consider partnering with us on this journey as we aim to make a difference in the hearts of children across the world.