2020-2022 Growth Plan

Warrior for Children Impact Center

Warrior for Children has the dream to reach children and families of trauma both within our local communities as well as nationwide. In order to fully support families and children in our community our team believes that the creation of our Impact Center is the next step.

The Impact Center will serve 3 key purposes.

Resource fulfillment: Our Impact Center will not only house all our donated resources but will serve as a safe place for case managers to come for an immediate need request.

The resource department will also serve as the primary location at which our volunteers can serve. We are surrounded with caring partners who want to volunteer but are currently limited due to the location of our resources.

Experience Depot: Our vision is to not only provide tangible resources but also a place for children and families to come and learn and to be loved on. A place not only for children to have fun but also to be in experiences with kind grownups so they learn that the world isn’t all scary. Art classes, gardening classes, acting classes, writing workshops, and animal care are just a few of the partnerships in the works. All of these will be extremely low cost and in an environment that promotes trauma healing.

Education Center: Understanding trauma and developmntal disabilities is crucial in caring for children of trauma. Our education center will offer trainings and workshops that will equip our caregivers with the tools they need to serve this precious population.

This center will also be a place that other warriors can host trainings and events to serve this population.

** We believe wholeheartedly that this approach to supporting children and families of trauma is imperative in every community. Our Southern California Warrior for Children Impact Center will act as the headquarters for Warrior for Children Impact Centers all over the country.

This wide-reaching vision requires partnership with individuals and corporations who want to see this precious population be served in a way that shows love and empowers healing.

Financial Goal: $500,000 2020-2022

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We can’t fulfill our mission alone. Please consider partnering with us on this journey as we aim to make a difference in the hearts of children across the world.