Our Impact Center Grand Opening!

All of us at Warrior for Children are so excited to open the very first Warrior for Children Impact Center. This has been a dream since the very first day God placed it on our Founder’s heart to serve children in tough spaces in a new and supportive way. The Impact Center will be a one-stop-shop for all things Warrior for Children. Here is what you can expect at the Impact Center. 

The Impact Center has an amazing warehouse space! This has been something we have been praying and planning for and it’s finally here! This warehouse will function as shipping, receiving, and storage for all of the donations that come in that help us serve our warrior kiddos.

The impact center also has what we like to call “The Store”. All of the tangible resources are sorted in the warehouse and placed on the shelves to make it easier for our amazing volunteers to fill each resource request. This “Store” is also a large workroom that will allow us to accomplish the day-to-day tasks that come with serving our warrior kiddos in a safe environment. The new warrior for children Impact Center is also home to our corporate office, trauma-informed training facility, and a treatment room.

Our goal at the Impact Center is to provide a place to serve children on their healing journey by supporting the three pillars of our mission; Provide the little things so caregivers can focus on the big things, educate those that serve and care for these amazing kiddos, and provide safe experiences that are sensitive to the healing process. 

We believe wholeheartedly that this approach to supporting children and families of trauma is imperative in every community. Our Southern California Warrior for Children Impact Center will act as the headquarters for Warrior for Children Impact Centers all over the country.

This wide-reaching vision requires partnership with individuals and corporations who want to see this precious population be served in a way that shows love and empowers healing.

Financial Goal: $500,000 2021-2022

We can not wait for you to learn more about what is in store!